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Staff members

Prof Iwar Klimeš, MD, DSc - principal leader, director of IEE SAS since 2008 more here
Mgr. Daniela Gašperíková, PhD - laboratory leader since 2009 more here


Scientists: Juraj Staník, MD, PhD more here
RNDr. Miroslava Hučková more here
RNDr. Martina Škopková, PhD more here

PhD Students:Mgr. Lucia Valentínová more here
Mgr. Ivica Mašindová more here
MUDr. Daniela Staníková more here

Research Technicians:Alica Mitková more here

Master Students: Bc. Martina Balogová more here

Student scientific activity:Boris Valentín more here

Obesity and Diabetes Section

Scientists: Mgr. Jozef Ukropec, PhD more here
MUDr. Barbara Ukropcová, PhD more here
MUDr. Pavel Langer, DSc more here

PhD Students:Mgr. Timea Kurdiová more here
Mgr. Miroslav Baláž more here

Bachelor students: Terézia Rendeková more here

General Contact Address:Diabetes Lab @ DIABGENE
Inst. of Experimental Endocrinology
/an EU Center of Excellence/
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Vlarska 3
SK-83306 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Ph./Fax/Voice: +421 2 5479 3472

Current research interests:
  1. Genetics of monogenic diabetes /MODY, PND, mitochondrial diabetes, MELAS, PHI etc./, obesity, hearing impairment, familial dyslipidemia and chosen monogenic metabolic disorders. more here
  2. Molecular mechanisms of obesity and insulin resistance. more here